How We Make Logos

Step 1 - Shape After receipt of the deposit, we brainstorm on what shape best identifies your company. A world-class logo invokes immediate recognition and brand identification of the shape. We create 10 widely different logos for you to choose from. You can select one of the existing designs, or blend elements from 2 or more. In that case, we create up to 10 more that blend the chosen elements.

Step 2 - Color We then create 10 color choices that would work well with the logo, accenting the shape. You choose a color (or set of colors) that pleases you. If you already have existing company colors, we can use them in this new logo. In some cases, the shape is striking enough to allow interchangeable colors in the logo, where you can choose multiple colors, and each color would set the application of the logo apart, depending on function. (Accounting is green, sales is blue, etc.)

Step 3 - Fonts The font choice can say as much about your company as shape and color. We carefully choose a font set that is appropriate for your company image. We provide up to 10 choices, and you then select the font that pleases you. You can select one of the existing font layouts, or suggest new ones. In that case, we create up to 10 final mockups, then you make your final selection from those.

Step 4 - Deliver Once you have approved the final logo design and the remaining half of the payment is made, the finished logo is output in multiple sizes and formats suitable for use in any and all marketing avenues. The files (including our working source files) are then sent to you by your preferred delivery method. (FTP, email, shipped DVD, etc.)

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